15 Social Media Tools for Building Your Business Presence Online

This guest post was contributed by Rachel Bartee. Rachel is a content writer and a marketing consultant. She is content-oriented and knows how to put words into action. She feels passionate about travelling and inspired by her morning yoga. Get in touch with her on Facebook and Twitter

Social media channels represent the most productive digital marketing tool due to their global popularity and relatively low investment costs. Facebook alone gathers more than 2 billion active users, while other networks like Pinterest or Instagram also attract hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide.

Having these figures in mind, it is logical to assume that almost all businesses focus marketing activities on this channel of communication. But that is also why it is becoming increasingly difficult to generate enough leads and user engagement in the last few years.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be creative and use the best software solutions for social network monitoring. In this article, we will show you 16 social media tools for building your business presence online. Let’s check them out!

1. Audiense
Successful businesses rely on audience targeting to maximize the potential of marketing activities. Audiense is the tool that enables you to detect relevant customers and determine exactly how to approach this group to boost the business. It doesn’t only help you to discover target groups but also shows you how to engage an average client throughout various social media channels. Audiense reveals how to design an appropriate acquisition strategy and increase the overall brand awareness.

2. Crowdbooster
Crowdbooster is the social media analytics software that assists marketers in evaluating the effect of digital content. It provides users with valuable insights, helping them to make data-driven conclusions and the corresponding actions. It can give you real-time information about your social media accounts, find a brand’s online advocates, and follow audience engagement. Besides generic options, Crowdbooster allows you to customize preferences and build the most suitable analytics platform for your business.

3. Sprout Social
Handling several social network accounts is not easy and you should use the tool which can unify all actions to save you time and money. Sprout Social is the kind of software that serves to bring together all these features by planning, organizing, and delivering your digital content. It creates the schedule of activities and releases cross-channel posts, all from one platform.

4. Discover.ly
Audience targeting goes beyond generic groups of average users. Today, it is crucial to know as much as possible about every user to be able to conduct micro-segmentation of your followers. Discover.ly does this job perfectly, allowing you to write more appealing and personalized social network copies.

5. Agora Pulse
With all the regular work hanging over their heads, small and medium-sized companies are often struggling to manage social media pages. Agora Pulse helps this sort of teams to put more emphasis on everyday work because it essentially takes over 90% of the social media management. The best thing about this platform is that it clearly displays each activity and the following ROI, which gives you a great insight into the real value of every single piece of content you design.

6. SocialOomph
SocialOomph is an all-encompassing tool as it keeps an eye on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blogs, and Plurk. It does the scheduling, keyword tracking, and filtering. Additionally, SocialOomph enables you to submit social updates via email. One of the best features of this program is that it’s able to find clients, customers, influencers, or any other user that you might find interesting.

7. Superior Papers
Superior Papers is a professional writing company that can help you to catch up with posting deadlines and keep the track record of regular postings. Since content quality is increasingly important, expert writers at Superior Papers will help you to come up with some nice ideas for the target audience. And if you don’t want to bother with this, they can make a high-quality copy upon request.

8. Easy Promos
Social media promotions and contests are a convenient way to engage your followers and increase brand awareness quickly. Easy Promos is one of the global leaders when it comes to interactive self-service programs. They offer various apps to create your own surveys, quizzes, contests, or sweepstakes. It’s an all-around platform that functions well across all social media channels and mobile gadgets.

9. Tail Wind
This app is narrowly-focused as it aims at boosting user engagement on Instagram and Pinterest. Tail Wind assists companies in designing better visual content. It has a superior scheduling dashboard but also some serious analytical capabilities. Tail Wind will automatically suggest you the best hashtag for all posts, extending the reach of your images to the maximum. Another great thing about this app is that it’s not expensive, so you might find it both in big and small companies.

10. Brand24
Here is the tool that enables you to discover everything anyone says about your brands, products, or services on social media. Brand24 reveals every conversation important for your business, giving you the opportunity to react in real time. Such mechanism allows you to notice unexpected changes in engagement volume, which is a common indicator of problematic brand-related discussions. Using Brand24, you can minimize negative publicity and maximize the positive online appearance of your brand.

11. Commun.it
Just like its name suggests, Commun.it has the objective to maintain relations between the brand and its followers. More specifically, it is designed to help you grow the number of Twitter followers, increase their engagement, and drive traffic. At the same time, this software focuses even more on social influencers, evaluating the importance of each user individually.

12. SocialFlow
SocialFlow is a professional distributor of social media content, to put it simply. They analyze user engagement and adapt your posts so as to fit this kind of online behavior. SocialFlow knows exactly when to post your content and give it an additional boost with advertising. This program also analyzes the most popular posts in real-time in order to create and publish similar content in the future.

13. Klear
Klear is the influencer marketing software with a gigantic database of online profiles. It possesses information about more than 500 million profiles in over 60 thousand categories, so you can find the best social media influencer for your brand anywhere in the world. Klear won’t stop there – it will also give you a thorough analysis and measurement of every influencer individually.

14. Mention
If you don’t follow what people say about your brand on the Internet, you will probably end up with some very negative publicity. Mention solves this problem with its real-time monitoring, giving you enough time to take action in case of a PR crisis. Furthermore, it allows you to monitor competitors and learn about their digital marketing activities.

15. Social Pilot
Social Pilot covers pretty much the same features as most of the above-mentioned tools but it does so very extensively. It enables you to create up to 200 social profiles from a single account and publish hundreds of posts simultaneously. It offers you precise scheduling and powerful social media analytics, increasing the overall efficiency of digital content. It’s a perfect solution for large companies with extremely comprehensive marketing strategies.

With so many competitors in every field of work, it’s not easy to grab the attention of your target audience on any social network. You need to design a great marketing strategy and use the right tools to be able to generate enough social media leads. In this article, we showed you 16 social media tools for building your business presence online. Don’t hesitate to use our suggestions and leave us a comment if you have other interesting proposals to share with our readers.

This guest post was contributed by Rachel Bartee. Rachel is a content writer and a marketing consultant. She is content-oriented and knows how to put words into action. She feels passionate about travelling and inspired by her morning yoga. Get in touch with her on Facebook and Twitter