Before You Waste Another Dollar on Facebook Ads, Do This First

Facebook Ads: Friend or Foe?

Facebook ads can either be a huge waste of money or a huge asset to the growth of your business.

It really depends on how you use them, Unfortunately though, most people don’t have a clue when it comes to running Facebook ads and end up needlessly wasting a lot of money.

This guide was not designed with the goal of making you a Facebook ads expert. Instead, I’m giving you one practical strategy that you can and should start implementing today.

But first a little background…

One of the most important and fundamental marketing principles is called The Rule of 7.

The Rule of 7 states that a prospect must come in contact with your brand an average of 7 times before they will ever consider doing business with you. And on top of that, your prospect must know, like, and trust you.

Most people who try Facebook ads will click that little “Boost Post” button in their feeds with high expectations. I mean, after all, there are like billions of people on Facebook, right?

They click the button, do some basic audience targeting, and maybe a little interest targeting. They let it run for a few days, spend a few bucks, see zero results and give up thinking this whole Facebook Ads thing doesn’t work.

Now, I’m certainly not here to shame you. We all have to start somewhere. In fact, I commend you for making the effort and being brave enough to try something new.

So What’s the Answer Then?

Remarketing to the Rescue

If there were such a thing as the holy grail of marketing, the concept I’m about to teach you would be it.

The concept is called remarketing (sometimes known as retargeting), and is probably the most powerful concept in marketing because it directly addresses the Rule of 7.

Remarketing allows you to “Re Market” (market again) to people who have previously come into contact with your brand.

Have you ever added a product to your online shopping cart, and then saw that product in an ad the very next time you opened Facebook?

Yep. That’s remarketing, and there’s a reason why companies use it so much. Because it flat out works!

Let’s Get This Party Started

Facebook lets you retarget through what they call “Custom Audiences”. The idea is that you create these custom audiences of people based on their previous behaviors, and then you run ads to them.

Here are the different types of custom audiences that you can create in Facebook.

To keep it simple for you, I’m only going to address the “Customer File” type for now because this is the lowest hanging fruit, and the simplest type to get started with.

The best way to get started is to copy/paste the email addresses of all of the people you consider to be in your SOI (Sphere of Influence).

These are the people who already know you. Hopefully, they like and trust you as well, but it’s quite possible you haven’t built that level of trust with them yet.

That’s ok, your engaging Facebook posts will help to do that. Also, this is really important because it helps you stay top-of- mind with your SOI.

That way when they are ready to buy your product or service, or they need to refer a friend, they instantly think of you.

Here’s a screenshot to show you how simple it is. You basically just need to copy/paste their email addresses, name your audience, and boom! You’ve got a warm audience to target.

After you’ve created your audience, it will show up as an audience option when you Boost a post.

Simply choose “Custom Audience”, and then select the new audience you’ve created. I suggest you continuously have an ad running at about a dollar a day, depending on the size of your SOI.

The beauty of remarketing is that it’s much less obtrusive than other forms of marketing.

I mean seriously, how many voicemails are you leaving, and how many people in your SOI do you believe are actually opening your emails? And you can’t call or email near as frequently as you can show up in somebody’s Facebook feed.

Of course, you still need to create engaging posts, and every once in a while remind them what you do for a living.

I recommend primarily posting engagement/value based posts, and then occasionally mixing in some conversion oriented posts, so they don’t forget what it is that you do.

The Final Step

The final step in this process is for you to actually take action on this and get started. Nothing will happen for you without action.

I hope you’ve enjoyed and have found this post useful. Please reach out if you need any help!